The small and simple things of life...

Are those which mean the most

And truly joy cannot be found

in possessions which we boast.

I know that nothing bought or sold

Could possible be worth

That which God's provided for

His children here on earth.

We have so many blessings

To be aware of everyday

And so much to be thankful for

Of which we need not pay.

For God has given al we need

To each and everyone,

And among His treasured gifts of love,

 The greatest was His Soon.

                  Sharon Fuqua

Prayer Requests 9/26/21

Our Sick, Hospitalized, and/or Home-bound

Sandra Barr- Dean Tate's daughter

Diane Whelan-

Father Paul Hartley

Shirley Jenson                                 

Ruby Johnson-Dorothy Haerer sister-in-law                                                    

Lural Hagar

 Todd Houston, Patsy's grandson                                                                        Dale Secrist -Nursing Home
Dustin Worthington - Army

   Dorothy Haerer - Home                                                                             Nancy Creek - (Shannon's Aunt-Stage 2 breast cancer-mastectomy)

Ted Daleen-St Andrew's Nursing Home-New Florence

Our Community government, schools, businesses, and Churches