Peace does not mean glorious sunshine and cheer

From the moment a day may begin.

Peace is the power that comes to a soul,

When the light of God shineth in!

Peace is the joy that God ever giveth

And the quietness that He imparts;

Peace is the strength and the courage He gives

To vision and bodies and hearts!!

Peace is hushed prayer and receiving the answer

In submission and quietness, too--

Peace is new hope for tomorrow

And the promise of new joy for you!

(Keith Bennett)

Prayer Requests 7/18/21

Our Sick, Hospitalized, and/or Home-bound

Joel Farmer- Jim's nephew

Marsha Harlen 

Shirley Jenson  

Ed Hankinson's brother                               

Ruby Johnson-Dorothy Haerer sister-in-law                                                    

Lural Hagar-recovering shoulder surgery

 Todd Houston, Patsy's grandson                                                                        Dale Secrist -Nursing Home
Dustin Worthington - Army

   Dorothy Haerer - Home                                                                             Nancy Creek - (Shannon's Aunt-Stage 2 breast cancer-mastectomy)

Ted Daleen-St Andrew's Nursing Home-New Florence

Our Community government, schools, businesses, and Churches