Lifetime can be so glorious

When you're talking to the Lord

That are soft and not too hard,

When I am feeling lonely,

I'll make a call or two,

But it doesn't fill lmy heart, Lord,

As when I talk with You.

Oh yes, friends are lovely,

They fill a void that's here.

What makes it even fuller

Is talk and love and prayer.

Surely God will tell you

That loving Him comes first.

Walk with God and have your friends

To quench your lonely thirst.                 James Joseph Huesgen





Prayer Requests  1/10/2021

Sue Tate

Kinneth  Parker Family loss of  Genelda

Our Sick, Hospitalized, and/or Home-bound 

with COVID and other illnesses                                      

Ruby Johnson-Dorothy Haerer sister-in-law                                                    

Lural Hagar-recovering shoulder surgery

 Todd Houston, Patsy's grandson                                                                        Dale Secrist -Nursing Home
Dustin Worthington - Army

   Dorothy Haerer - Home                                                                             Nancy Creek - (Shannon's Aunt-Stage 2 breast cancer-mastectomy)  

Our Community government, schools, businesses, andChurches