Troubled Soul

                           All i ask is peace and love

                           As I live from day to day.

                              may His spirit fill me

                           In His own very special way.

                           Now as I sit and ponder

                           The treasures of this day,

                            I know my Lord, my Jesus,

                            Was never far away.

                            He will help me with my sadness,

                            He will wipe away each tear.

                            It seems when I am troubled,

                             I will always find Him near.

                             O Jesus come unto me,

                             Please, show me the way;

                             Take me from this shadow

                              Into the happy light of day.







Prayer Requests 11/18/2020 

Our Sick, Hospitalized, and/or Home-bound                                       

Ruby Johnson-Dorothy Haerer sister-in-law                                                    

Lural Hagar-recovering shoulder surgery

 Todd Houston, Patsy's grandson                                                                        Dale Secrist -Nursing Home
Dustin Worthington - Army
Cleta Mertz - (Shoulder surgery-Recovering)                                                        Dorothy Haerer - Home                                                                             Nancy Creek - (Shannon's Aunt-Stage 2 breast cancer-mastectomy)  

All our Community Churches